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Solo / Duo / Trio / Festival Compere
SEN Teacher / Music Leader / Youth Worker

Poyzer, Fluff and Farrell

tel: 07866 507441

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PA System Darren Poyzer Easy Technical Set-Up
Contact Darren: 07866 507441 . e: darrenpoyzer@gmail.com

For all bookings I can provide a compact HK Audio sound system for smaller to medium sized venues (150 people), and lights. Where a venue is providing sound and lights, requirements are relatively few. For each musician as rule we would require:

  • One instrument input to desk
  • One vocal mic (pref SM58 please)
  • One boom microphone stand
  • One on-stage monitor

For 'The War To End All Wars' and 'Protest Songs' bookings, I can also provide a projector and screen.

Catering wise, any amount of local hospitality is always appreciated. We love coffee with fresh milk before and after a show, and fresh drinking water on stage.

Thank you :-) .