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Solo / Duo / Trio / Singer, Songwriter, Festival / Open
Mic Host, Community and SEND Music Leader

'Lockdown' Update: A personal message :-)

60 Second Showreel - Darren Poyzer
Booking Info

New: I am now taking live performance bookings, including house concerts.

I keep my diary and phone with me at all times
e-mail: darrenpoyzer@gmail.com . text chat: Facebook messenger direct
Mobile number available on request

30+ years as live music performer (biography)

I work solo or with amazing musicians

I bring original songs, smiles, classics ...

I have transport and am often available at short notice

I am an experienced community youth music leader

I am an experienced community singing group leader

I am an experienced festival compere and open mic organiser

In Summer I love camping; I am based in Greater Manchester

I have a small professional p.a. system and lights

I provide A3 colour posters, hi-res photos, text etc

All enquiries are warmly welcomed in person

Thank you for your time and consideration, Darren :-)

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Musicians and Line-Ups

Darren PoyzerDarren Poyzer
Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica

Darren Poyzer is a rare songwriting talent, as entertaining as he is inspirational.

"Make no mistake, this is a man who is passionate about peace and social justice; he just also happens to have an excellent sense of humour and an engaging stage presence"
- Fred Rolland, Buxton Festival Fringe

Solo Performance
30+ years as live music performer
Festival Compere
Themed Events
Community Singing

Poyzer, Fluff and FarrellFluff (Clare Smith)
Fiddle and Vocals

One of the outstanding fiddle players with a revered cv, Fluff is a member of Galleon Blast, and former member of The Incredible String Band and Tower Struck Down.

She's played on a number of recordings, in particular our cult alt/folk trio version of 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' that was championed by Joy Division's Peter Hook.

Poyzer & Fluff
Poyzer, Fluff and Farrell

Darren Poyzer & Jamie ParkesJamie Parkes
Fiddle and Vocals

Another oustanding fiddle player, Jamie is a musician whom I first teamed up with at an open mic night in Manchester. We played a number of great shows together including a support with The Lancashire Hotpots, who then took Jamie on as a session musician and occasional live member of the band.

These days he's also a member of acclaimed Staffordshire band The Idioms.

Poyzer & Parkes

Incredible PlanetKevin Farrell
(Acoustic Guitar, E-Bow and Vocals)

One of my most frequent musical partners, Kevin is an outstanding guitarist, singer and songwriter, whose influences include the likes of Todd Rundgren and Tom Waits.

He performs solo in his own right, and is a regular performer online globally aka 'Lefty Unplugged' via 'Second Life'.

Poyzer & Farrell

Poyzer, Fluff and Farrell

Poyzer and PigmanPigman
Harmonica and Vocals

One of the top UK harmonica players and blessed with an awesome steampunk-esque stage presence, Pigman is an outstanding performer and personlity.

He is a keen busker wherever the music takes him, delivering an eclectic and highly unique collection of streetwise jazzy-blues songs and stories.

Poyzer & Pigman

Poyzer & StylesRoydan Styles
Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

One of my favourite songwriter performers, Roydan mixes influences such as Frank Zappa, Roy Harper, bluegrass festivals and an appearance on legendary TV show Tiswas, delivering an acoustic blitz of entertaining songs and smiles.

Poyzer & Styles