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'Lockdown' Update: A personal message :-)

Darren Poyzer'Lockdown' Update

Government regulations, scientific advice and guidance means we are unable to programme and run 'regular' live music events. In particular community singing groups may face the longest delay.

Outdoor Events

I am happy to recieve enquiries to play outdoor events. Obviously, I would hope that social distancing would remain, and to assist I am happy to provide my own tech equipment and personal catering etc.

Online Streaming / Video

I have made a number of live performance videos for venue and festivals during lockdown, and remain open to invitations and ideas ...

Online Tutoring and Music Activities

I run a number of music activity sessions - in particular SEND music for individuals - online via Zoom.

Financial Support

Tip JarWorking from home provides a fraction of the work and employment earnings I need to get by.

I would like therefore to thank Help Musicians UK and Field Me for funding awards, and everyone who has made kind donations via Paypal: paypal.me/darrenpoyzer.

If you would like to support me at this time - no obligation - you can:

1) Buy a downloadable song or collection of recordings at my Bandcamp store

2) Watch a video or two and make a donation via Paypal: paypal.me/darrenpoyzer

3) Share my website, songs and / or videos and help spread the word

Thank you, all good things always,
Darren :-)