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Solo / Duo / Trio / Festival Compere
SEN Teacher / Music Leader / Youth Worker

Poyzer, Fluff and Farrell

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The 18 Year Old Veteran

The 18 Year Old Veteran PosterIdeal for events where spoken word is the norm, The 18 Year Old Veteran is a personal perspective of experiences gained during, and beyond, The Falklands Conflict of 1982.

The theme is not too dis-similar to 'The War To End All Wars', in that I use personal war experiences from and discuss them alongside the research I have undertaken into The Great War.

This allows wider discussion on the effect that conflict has on the human condition, and how it has shaped our lives coming out of the 20th Century, a century of almost unbroken war and conflict that carried two catastrophic global conflicts.

  • Themed 'one-man show', with projected visuals and footage
  • Ideal for folk, acoustic and literary clubs, theatres, arts centres, and festivals
  • Complimentary workshops and discussion sessions available also