Darren Poyzer

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Solo / Duo / Trio / Compere / Special Needs Teacher / Music Leader / Community Choir

Poyzer, Fluff and Farrell

tel: 07866 507441

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Themed Events

  • Live music with projected visuals and film footage
  • Ideal for music / literary events, theatres, arts centres, festivals

Bloody Love Songs, Poster

Bloody Love Songs
(more info)

Love songs and stories celebrated with a political, historical glance
"enjoy some simple well-played music and be charmed and challenged at the same time"

Protest Songs Poster

Protest Songs
(more info)
Some of the most essential, important songs of our time
"uplifting stories and images of passion, conflict, and the human condition"

The 18 year Old Veteran Poster

The 18 Year Old Veteran
(more info)
Spoken Word; Falklands veteran on post-war conflicts
"engages you in his story from the very beginning"

The War To End All Wars Poster

The War To End All Wars
(more info)
WW1 / Falklands themed music and film footage
"an interesting, educational and creative production"